Creating script shortcut when 2 menu items exist with same name?

I’m trying to create a shortcut for an apple script (using forum advice), and finally realized it might be failing because there are two apple script menu items called “Append Selected Text” – one under Comments and one under Rename.

I’m guessing the best route would be to rename one of them, but when I go to the scripts folder, the script doesn’t have that name in either case. For the Comment version, the script title is Add Selected Text to Comment. For the Rename script, the script title is Append Title. I’m not sure where the file is that redirects the menu title to the script.

Or is there some other way to make this work? Thanks!

Try to use the menu item path

Very cool solution – but how do you specify the folder for scripts when there’s simply a squiggle in the menu? Thanks again.

Missed that it unfortunately doesn’t work with the scripts menu. But it should be possible by adding 3 underscores and the desired shortcut to the filename, e.g.

Add Selected Text to Comment___SHIFT + CTRL + OPT + CMD + A.scpt

Oh, this seems so close! Adding to the filename didn’t work. I tried it with and without the spaces next to the + signs, in the Rename folder: Append Title___SHIFT + CTRL + OPT + CMD + A.scpt and yes, three underscores. Any other thoughts? Thanks.

The Solution:
Turns out the changed filename needs to be connected with - signs and no spaces. Append Title___SHIFT-CTRL-OPT-CMD-A.scpt

Works perfectly now. Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction!

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Why does that work? Is this specific to DEVONthink, or do 3 underscores and a shortcut do magic elsewhere in macOS? I’ve never come across this solution before, and by pure coincidence was wondering how to do it just this morning :see_no_evil:

I read somewhere on the forum that it only works in DevonThink, but I’m not sure of that or why it works.