Creating Separate Workspaces is not possible, but should be

I received instructions in the tips forum for creating workspaces, but the process as instructed does not work for me.

Instead, here’s what happens:

-Add Workspace
-(enter name of new workspace) i.e. “Workspace August”

The name “Workspace August” now appears at the bottom of the GO menu.

However, selecting the newly created workspace from the GO menu makes all Devonthink windows disappear. Nothing else happens and no new window opens or appears.

Could someone please provide the instructions for making the newly created workspace open and appear on the desktop?

Thank You.
(mac osx 10.6.8)

Devonthink Personal

FYI - These are the instructions I rec’d in the ‘tips’ forum

NEW: Workspaces can be created, deleted, and accessed via the Go menu and restore open databases and windows, order of windows, panels, tabs, selected tab, and selected items. In addition, view, widescreen, and Cover Flow of main and search windows as well as settings, string amd results of search windows, and the visibility of the sidebar of main windows are restored. Application startup is now based on workspaces, too, and therefore restores e.g. selection and tabs

Have you tried opening a support ticket with the folks at DEVON?