creation date?

Does the creation date exist or get used in any form in DTTG? Many (most?) of my documents are publications so the creation date is far more important than the other two dates. In fact, these pretty much never get modified so the last modified date is arbitrary and meaningless. It would be great if the creation date was available in the info pop-over and if it could be used to sort the groups.

I’ve changed my workflow around so that I am replicating these dated articles into multiple groups. When the articles were only in one group, I could number prefix the names to simulate creation date sorting. With replication across groups that is no longer feasible. Please add creation date to DTTG. I said before that they pretty much never get modified, but they do sometimes, so changing the modified date to the creation date isn’t viable either.

Creation date will be added when we move to the new sync process. I’ll make a note so we can consider sorting by creation date, etc. in a future update.