Critical Bug in DTTG 3.5.3.: Markdown text disappears after switching files

Hi there,

After updating to DTTG 3.5.3 I’ve experienced a critical bug:

  1. Any text which was written in the markdown editor, can’t be viewed in the “normal” markdown preview.
  2. Even worse: After switching to another markdown file and switching back, the text is gone (see linked video)!

Video that is showing the critical bug: HiDrive Share: Kostenlos große Dateien versenden

I can confirm that here; I create a new text file on DTTG 3.5.3 on iPhone, select Markdown. I then edit that file, adding text. On closing the editor with x the text does not appear in the preview. If I select edit again, then the text is present in the editor. Switching between files before selecting edit again loses the text.

Thanks for the report!

There is an issue on file for this and Development is aware of it. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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I can add a quirk I’ve noticed that might be related.
I use a simple shortcut to create a md note in the global inbox.
Shortcut asks for a title then saves it and it opens an empty note where I spill my genius. Once I am done typing, I go up to the global inbox level and (long press on the new item/contextual menu/move) move the note to the appropriate database,
Lately I’ve noticed that after I’ve done this I am left with a correctly titled but empty note in the Global Inbox and the full note in the database I moved it to.
Can’t remember seeing that behaviour before.

Can you share the shortcut?

Quick note shortcut

Note that I prepopulate the note with some basic markdown TOC, headings and block code. That’s leftover from when I was learning markdown and typing those backtics was a pain on an iOS keyboard. There used to be more but I’ve either memorized them from frequent use or don’t need them often enough.

Of course the new text editor makes most of that irrelevant but I am used to having them there and it reminds me to give my scratchings some kind of format where possible.

The weird behaviour I noticed last week is not consistent. It happened yesterday when I was standing in line at a store trying to remember something important but I couldn’t reproduce it just now.

Version 3.5.4, out since yesterday evening, fixes this issue.

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That would explain why it happened yesterday morning when I was standing in line at a store trying to jot down something that had escaped my memory for two days, and then didn’t happen this morning when I tried to force it. It’s all down to the updates!
Very cool and thanks.

Sorry for the confusion, it was merely more than a typo on our side…

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