Criticism - keep it constructive…

I’m not thin skinned about things but I’d love to know what the recent flush of unkind comments on the boards is all about. It’s one thing to say, “I’d love some other CSS templates.” without calling the existing one “ugly”, etc. or railing on Sync (which works beautifully for the vast majority of Users (the exceptions are very rare), or DTTG…

Imagine you are in a restaurant and say to the waitress, “I’d like some french fries.” (No problem there.)

Now add, “You know who has good fries? McDonalds. Their fries are great.” (No problem here either. It’s nice to know who you think is doing a good job - maybe we can learn something from them too.)

Then you add, “I’d love fries like McDonalds.” (This maybe starting to lead somewhere. Ok, we get it. No problem. Not necessarily can or going to happen but we got the message when you told us who had good fries.)

And the coup de grace: “Not sucky fries like the junk you’re serving. These are barely edible. Are these even made of potatoes?!?”

(And for those who really wanna go for it, the additional threat: “If I don’t get some @&# McDonalds french fries right now, I’m never going to eat here again! I’ll tell all my friends how bad you suck and you’ll lose out on all the money I spend here!!! Argh!!!” - Of course, ignoring that this isn’t McDonalds so we CAN’T serve you McDonalds fries!)

Remember that there are people hard at work making these applications, just as you are hard at work providing the services you do. And I reiterate HARD AT WORK. Software development is not as simple as making a hamburger (no slight on the chefs out there). Oftentimes, we not only have to come up with the menu we sometimes have to invent the cow (or the broccoli for you vegetarians) before we can start cooking!

Again, this is not a matter of being thin-skinned. It’s a matter of being a part of our development process (as all of you are, the Users). If you’re on the team, let’s work together in patience, kindness, and understanding to those who have to make this all happen.