Cropped PDFs not updating in DTO


I am using Skim to crop the crap off the pdfs I am have captured and have imported.
Once I have done this and saved them I cannot find how to get DTO to show that the file has been updated; cannt find a refresh or update button anywhere.


If you change a document, crop a PDF, edit something, etc., in an external editor, and then save it, the change is updated at once in DEVONthink. You might need to click away (click another document) then back again before the change is obvious in the preview panel.

Doesnt seem to be that simple for me.
I will have to find the file that its saving and check that out next, I guess.

Thanks though.

Just tried with another one.
Edited, saved, went back to DTO.

Used the show in finder option, and the file is the original, its like its being saved in another place; I have checked the options and cannot see why

Cropping PDFs is not like cropping a raster image. Not all apps support a cropped view. Here’s the warning from Preview when cropping…

Ah, I thought Skim was different in that it actual cropped it, not virtually cropped it.
Off to find something does, betting it ends up being an acrobat.