Cropping PDF?

Hello! I am new to DT Pro Office, and I have a question about a PDF that I imported via “Images (with OCR)”. This is a book that I scanned and then cropped in Preview, since the original scan contained a black area where the scanning area exceeded the book size. However, when I imported the PDF into DT, the cropping was lost, and the uncropped PDF appeared. Is there a way to crop the PDF in DT? Or is there something that I can do in Preview or Adobe Acrobat so that the cropped PDF is imported into DT rather than the uncropped one? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


Could you please send the document to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks.

Hi Sarah,

an interesting question that occurred to me either (I’m sorry, but I don’t have the solution nor do I have much time to find it out, but I’d be very interested in an answer, too).

Maybe this dicussion here helps you:

I think the simple “crop” in Preview is not “destructive”, so it only leads to hiding the “cropped” part of the page form being displayed in preview, but not really to cutting it off.
You could try to “print” the cropped pdf to a new pdf file and see if the black are is still there.

Which versions of OS X and Preview are you using?
(It might be that the behavior of Preview has changed from OS 10.4 to OS 10.5 or 10.6.)

If you would find a solution without Adobe Acrobat, I’d be glad …
please let me know,

Kind regards


Hi Martin,

Thank you for the information. This non-destructive cropping could very well be the problem (it fits the description). I’m using OS 10.6.4 and Preview 5.0.2. I think that perhaps my solution is to run the scanned document through another OCR-conversion program (like PDFpen) before importing it into DTOP. This seemed to have solved the problem, and it accomplished my second goal of creating an OCR PDF for my note-taking in Sente. In any case, I’m guessing that the cropping problem originates in Preview rather than DTOP.