Crossed-out pencil icon??

I have a crossed-out pencil icon next to my Inbox that keeps me from importing data. I have checked the access privileges and I have both Read/Write capabilities. I have also tried restarting my computer, and used the Verify and Repair tool (0 bugs). Help?

Could you explain a bit more? Which DT application are you using, what version, and what messages you get when you try to import data. When you say “Inbox” - is that the global inbox in the sidebar, or the inbox inside a database?

I’m using DEVONthink Professional Office 2.0.6, MacBook OS X 10.5.8, and the icon is next to my Global Inbox. I don’t get any error messages, files just simply won’t import. So, for example, when I have the Inbox highlighted, and click File>Import… the options (such as “Files and Folders”) are grayed out and I can’t click them. Similarly, when I try to drag items into the inbox or the sorter, they do not download into the inbox or any other location. I just downloaded DT less than a week ago, and everything worked fine until I tried to import a bunch of files at once and the program crashed. After that, the icon appeared. I thought perhaps I had reached a data limit for the free trial, so I went ahead and bought the license hoping it would resolve the writing problem, but it did not.

Something went wrong with the crash. Deleting the app, downloading again (if you no longer have the original download) and reinstalling is what I recommend. If Sorter is running, shut it down first.

What about all the data I’ve entered thus far? Will it be lost?

No. First, move any data in the Global Inbox into a database. Then close all open databases before you shut down DTPO and do the reinstall. Databases are self-contained packages (a type of folder in Finder), and are not affected by the program when it is not running.

It worked. Thank you for the help… hopefully it won’t happen again.