Css file to format markdown - make code block text larger

I am using this CSS file in order to display markdown files.I got it from Typora. Now that I’m trying to view markdown with code blocks in DEVONthink to go for iOS I find that the text of the code is too small for me but I don’t understand how I would be able to make it bigger. I don’t know how to attach the css file so I am including it as a pdf.

[vuepdf.pdf (82.2 KB) ](https://)

I suppose that you’d have to look for the element selector pre in the CSS file and then set the attribute font-size to a value that you like:

pre {
  font-size: 120%;

I didn’t really look at the CSS file you linked to. But I noticed that it specifies the basic font-size at the beginning in pixel (14px, if I recall correctly). This is a bad idea. For one the size of a pixel depends on the screen resolution, so it may vary wildly across displays. A second, more important reason: absolute units override user settings in the browser and are consequently a hurdle for accessibility. You might want to change this value to a relative value like 1em.
All this is not related to DT at all. CSS is discussed at lengths all over the net, most notably at MDN (Mozilla Developer Network).


Thanks for your help. Was able to modify the CSS file using the information you gave me and it worked.

Also appreciated general CSS approach information that you provided.