ctags, doxygen?

Hi, my days are neck-deep in source code. I was wondering if there was a way (or, could be a way) to import a ctags file and/or a doxygen documentation database?

The doxygen imports as HTML already, but there’s almost no organization to it. Even if I could just get the directories turned into folders (the HTML flattens it out to one folder (/html)), it’d be great. I guess I can scan doxygen’s docs for some way to unflatten it…
Also, for even smallish size projects (500KLOC), I’ve gotten a few good spinning beachballs with DT when hitting ‘See Also’.

But, CTAGS is really what makes me happy in the morning. If I could just import the source I’m analyzing into DT, and get my ctags db in, it’d work very wiki-like.

I really just want to be able to easily browse source code use DT on it naturally. Quick browsing, quick annotation, classification, search, etc. But, nobody’s asking y’all to write a parser for everyone’s favorite languages (and you don’t want to see my c++ template metaprograms :wink:), so just some way to use an existing tool to import data for DT’s consumption.

Please don’t say I have to parse ctags files in applescript shudder.


I’m not really sure what you’re intention is but if you could send me one or more examples, I’ll have a look at this although your description doesn’t sound that this could be of common interest and therefore improvements in that area are actually very unlikely.

Basically I’d like a way to use DT to browse and store notes about source code. Exuberant CTAGS (ctags.sourceforge.net) can parse and generate cross-reference tables for 33 programming languages (ctags.sourceforge.net/languages.html). If DT could read its file format, then I could look up symbols in the source base really quick. That’d be wonderful for those of us who have to modify existing source code (which is many!).

If CTAGS isn’t acceptable, maybe a way to import the generated HTML documentation from doxygen, which generates hyperlinked HTML of the source code itself. Either way.


Support for CTAGS is currently quite unlikely but you should already be able to import any HTML documentation.