curio 4

i recently experienced with curio which shows a lot of enhanced features since version 4. concerning the graphical limitations of dtp curio is imo the app. that amends dtp the best (wouldn’t say no to omni graffle either.)

are there any plans/chances etc to connect curio and dtp in a way?
what is about linkback-functionality?

thank you.

Interesting question. I too see a lot of synergy between these two applications.

I currently use 4 note-taking applications:

#1: DEVONthink Pro for long-term notes (notes I want to keep and search later)
#2: Curio 4 Pro for brainstorming, prototyping, and related project development
#3: Circus Ponies Notebook for short-term notes (as it launches and saves/quits FAST)
#4: iGTD for tasks and To-Do lists

I’m looking for a 5th app to store and manage code snippets, with a nice programmer-oriented editor with syntax coloring and code folding. I haven’t found anything suitable yet, though…

Anything that could tie these all together (especially #1 and #2) would be great.