Current GMail emai to DEVONthink Inboxl

I am looking for a way to save the email I am viewing in Gmail in a browser to DEVONthink Inbox.

I have a Pro Office version, so I can run scripts.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

No, this is not possible (or at least not easily done). You should use an email client, preferably Apple Mail, for best performance.

As long as the format does not matter, you could select the email’s contents and use Take Rich Note. Another workaround might be to print the email to DEVONthink.

In searching help and online and on this forum, it seemed that there was supposed to be some difficulty about getting gmail imported into DEVONthink Pro Office.

Not the case, at all.

I have just conducted successful experiments importing gmail into DEVONthink via Apple Mail. It proved quite easy for my two samples. Sample 1: approximately 300 gmail emails without attachments and Sample 2: two gmail emails with pdf attachments in the 10mb range


  1. go to this site ( and select either “All mail” or some subset of “labels” you want to export out of gmail in MBOX format. Export.

  2. import the MBOX into Apple Mail

  3. import from Apple Mail into DevonThink

The emails all made it through to DEVONthink with all of the information and formatting I would expect to see. On first inspection, I see no data loss or anything odd in the way the email reads once in DTPO.

The emails with large attachments came through with the attachments in place. To open the attachment from within DTPO, I had to right click on the email and open with Apple Mail in order to open the pdf. At first I thought this might be just leading me back to the original attachment in Mail and not opening something that had been archived in DTPO. So I deleted the email and pdf from Apple Mail and then reopened the pdf from DTPO/Apple Mail thus confirming that Apple Mail is just a method of accessing the pdf that is stored in my DTPO database.

Now I will proceed with the next stage which is putting 10+ years of email in DTPO!

Interesting note. Thanks for the info.

PS: Don’t try importing all 10 years worth in one shot (unless you rarely got emails :mrgreen: )

Yes, and beware of google’s limitations on using that export tool. I used it to export my emails year by year. After three or four archives generated, I got a warning saying I’d hit my limit of exporting - whether based on number of archives generated or their size I don’t know. After the existing archives expired (a week, 10 days?) I could continue making new ones.