Current state of DTTG?

Hi. I recently got Devonthink Office Pro (love it, learning it really fast), and Devonthink (this one seems like it’ll require some more effort - but I immediately made a JSTOR plug-in to search for academic journals). I have a main database that’s for my general research, then one for each class I take or teach/TA, as well as one for the thesis I’m working on. I don’t know how I was able to function before Devonthink.

I am strongly considering getting DTTG next, as I have an iPad and it previously was my replacement for paper (but the pdf viewing in the default app is anemic for academic use). Because I can’t annotate my PDFs I usually end up printing out things anyways. My main use is collecting articles and notes from classes, in order to work on papers and books in an academic setting. The user reviews in the App Store didn’t do a lot to assure me DTTG is, at the present time, something I want to get and try to use (any app above the $5 threshold is hard to justify).

My question is for anyone with a similar use of DT/OP as me - will this allow me to take my database anywhere with me, add to it as I browse for articles (in web and PDF)? Will it allow me to take notes to add to my project database? Are the comments a product of the extreme and not the norm?

In my experience, the current state of sync with DTTG is a crapshoot. It seems to work OK for some but it’s never worked well for me so I stopped using it a few days after I paid for it. I test it again after each update, but still no good. I check back in to this forum from time to time to see if it’s been fixed, but so far it hasn’t. I happily sync other apps between my Macs and iPhone/iPad, so for me this is clearly a DTTG issue. My advice is to save your money for the time being, but keep checking this forum for the time when the users are all saying it’s working OK.