Cursor behaviour

When I’m editing a doc in the View/Edit pane and then move the cursor across to the Item List and Navigate panes it changes to a vertical bar split by a horizontal bidectional arrow (pic attached). It reverts back to vertical text cursor only when mouseover back into the View/Edit pane.

Normally this type of cursor is not used for selecting docs or top of main window menu items. Is this expected behaviour? (I have set View as List and Preview as Widescreen. Is it that the window-bar-resize UI listener is over eager!?)

Mainly I just want to confirm that I’m not accidentally triggering some scary multi-select mode?

DT horiz arrow cursor

What macOS version are you using? I’ve never seen this type of cursor before.

Isn’t that the one indicating that you can drag a vertical line to change pane sizes?

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Ahh yes. Wrote from iPhone and could have bet that cursors that change window size or pane size all look the same


[List of Pointers types: Pointers in macOS – Apple Support (UK)] So the offending cursor/pointer above is “Move left or right” (which is used to indicate a sidebar can be resized).

I would expect the Arrow pointer when selecting docs in Nav/Item List panes, do others see that? I only see the Arrow pointer when I initially task into DT, once I interact with the app it is only ever I-beam or Move left or right pointer.

I’m on Mac OS 12.2.1 (21D62).

The current version of macOS Monterey is 12.3. Please stay current with the operating system and our point releases.


12.3.1 out this week.

Show off :wink:

Y, will update and report back.

Probably. My computers were yelling at me to upgrade.

Thanks. Updating both OS and DT fixed it.


Excellent and thanks for the follow-up!