Cursor disappears after switching between tabs

Hi DT Community,

I’m noticing a functionality issue that I don’t think always was the case with my DT, which makes me wonder if I haven’t inadvertently changed some UI option.

If I am typing in an RTF, switch tabs to a PDF, then switch tabs back to the RTF, my cursor is no longer active in the text field. (If I begin typing, I get the error “thud”-tone.) I have to click again in the text-field of the RTF to resume typing.

Has this always been the case and I never noticed? If not, is there a way to have the cursor remain active in the RTF? It seems to do this already if one switched tabs between two RTFs, for instance.


This has been how it’s always been as far as my experience goes.
And yes, you just need to click into the document to continue editing the RTF.