Cursor in full screen mode?

When I’m using DT Pro in fullscreen mode, my cursor is either invisible or very, very light-colored. I have to highlight text to figure out where my next words are going to go.

Do I have a bad setting somewhere?


I see no difference in the cursor/insertion point between normal and full screen views. Are you perhaps running a haxie or other third party modification of the cursor appearance?

No, I’m running defaults on everything. You’re right, it is the insertion point, not the cursor, that is invisible.

When I opened up full screen mode for the first time, the colors were green text on black. I changed it to black on off-white, and then to black on white in case that was a problem. That’s all I’ve done differently.

[edit] The cursor color is only wrong when editing plain text in full screen mode. Rich text full screen editing is fine.

Sorry, I don’t write in full screen mode myself, especially in plain text with colored background and text. Reminds me too much of DOS (shudder). :slight_smile: