Custom AI (See Also & Classify)

AFAIK DT’s AI works in all folders of a single database. But how can I set it to use only two folders rather than all the others in the database? Is there a way to select folders for See Also and Classify? That would be a plus.

In Tools > Show Info you can exclude groups or documents from various activities:

You could, for example, open three panes view, use View > Expand All to reveal all groups, select them all, then open Tools > Show Info to exclude everything from Classification and See Also. Then select only the groups you want to use for Classification and See Also and reverve the settings – enabling them for Classification and See Also.

This could be faciltated with a script, but by default DEVONthink assumes everyone wants to use its core features. Just curious, but why bother with DEVONthink’s AI if you only want to use it on two groups? It’s easy to make binary decisions without the AI.

korm, thank you, but AI keeps giving me results from only one folder after I followed your instruction. The result is a bunch of files in only one folder, not interacting with the other folder. In one folder I have only rtf files and in the other PDFs.

I need to find common words among the titles of files in both folders, for the task I have at hand. It would take forever to type words for this particular task I have. So by selecting files with the down arrow key I intend to see whether there are matches in the AI window.

Can you accomplish what you would like by moving the target folders to a new database, do whatever you would like, and moving them back ?

Cheers !

Nhaps, the AI procedures look only at document Content, not at Name or other metadata. Your attempt to “tilt” See Also or Classify by adjusting document names won’t work.

Thanks Bill