Custom Attributes


Are there plans to add custom attributes to DT?

As an example, I’m currently using DT for a large project involving hundreds of text files, PDFs etc. I also have a lot of video footage. I would like to be able to search custom descriptions for these video files (after indexing them without importing the files themselves). But what stops me is that I can’t write anything attached to a video file (except maybe something in the comment field). Tags are not cutting it for me in this case, there is a lot of information associated with each file (date, tags, source, free or paid footage, color, frame rate, etc). I would also like to be able to write a long text description of the content of the video clip, and still have the file somehow associated (without having a link to the file in the text document which is prone to error). I can use another app for this of course, but I would find it very convenient to have all my data in the same place.


It’s possibly coming to a future major version, but arbitrary metadata is not supported in DEVONthink 2. Spotlight Comments or using Data > New from Template > Annotation.

I’m not sure what’s error prone here.

I was referring to my errors :slight_smile: Copying links, pasting them, when you have hundreds of items it’s a nightmare. Having an arbitrary text as an integral part of an item, always associated with it, is very different. Granted, it looks more like something for a database, but then again, DT files are called databases… (j/k)

If you use the Annotation template, a link to the original file is automatically included in the document.

You replied just before I could edit my last message. Just tried the Annotation template and it was an OMG moment… Although not quite what I was looking for, it’s close enough. Thanks a lot.

You’re very welcome. :smiley: