Custom colours for plain text

I have a small feature request…

I’d love it if you could set the text and background colour for plain text notes for regular editing and not just full screen mode. I have very light grey on black in my IDE and text editor (Xcode and Sublime Text) and would like to be able to replicate this in DEVONthink.

For new rich text documents, for example, you can create one, set it up for the desired font, font color and background color, save it in the database, then choose File > Export > as Template. Now you can access that template via Data > New from Template.

Thanks Bill, I’ll give that a try. I guess I could set up a template with a monospace font and those colours for code snippets or whatever.

I think I’d still like to be able to set colours for plain text though

Scratch that, I just figured out how to do it :slight_smile:

Right clicked in a note > Font > Show Colors

Set the colour to light grey, clicked the Background checkbox and set the colour to black. Seems to persist across all plain text notes. WIN.

Here’s what I’m after: a Terminal-style rich-text template, with a black background and white text, with the possibility of coloured text if I want it (e.g. red for action items, green for project names, or whatever).

It seems like I need to save a Rich-Text file as a template, and then use that template for new documents. Right?

So far, so good. Here’s the new document:

But the cursor is black, so it’s invisible! Can I make it white, too? Or maybe red, so it’ll also appear in my standard white-background RTFs.

Michael Ullyot

PS: I just found this post on cursor customization, so I’m not optimistic this will be possible;

Plain text, as hinted by its name, is devoid of formatting (colors included). You can approximate what you’re trying to do by setting the Fullscreen Font / Background / and Font Color in Preferences > Editing.