Custom fields in the inspector


Where can I find more details regarding these options (attached screenshot below):

Also, will appreciate some examples where these custom fields may be useful.


Page 119 of the current DT manual provides more details. I mostly use custom metadata in conjunction with scripts, e.g. some of my documents automatically receive an expiry date, all documents have a checksum, etc.

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Yes, time for me to review the manual. Thanks for reminding!!
Appreciate the context as well.

You’re welcome.

I also use custom metadata for locating documents in real-life - some documents I have need to be preserved in their paper form. So I’ll scan them, and add a reference to section 64 in lever arch binder 1 in cupboard 2 or whatever.

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In case you want another example of use of custom metadata there is one in thiis thread. It’s all about journal entries in DT and, to save you reading it all, I use a date custom metadata field to make it easy to sort journal entries by date (simply because sorting by creation or modification date won’t work unless the relevant entries were created/modified on the date referred to in the entry—which doesn’t happen if you import old entries into DT).


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Thank you, this has been very useful !
I’m using them to link previous and next versions of my pdf documents (via item links as custom fields). It’s not the smoothest way but at least I know that the links are there in the custom field…

My custom metadata use is a single field - Task Due Date
Other useful fields
Task Duration currently stored appended to the note title
Subject Date currently stored as a prefix to the note title
Receipt Amount currently stored appended to the note title

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Interesting! Do you use this system as your only task manager?