custom icons

Granted, this is a rather minor issue, but annoying nevertheless. I have always been able to copy icons out of Pixadex or wherever, paste them to a folder in the Finder, then copy and paste the icon onto a DT folder via the inspector pane. Now I find that this is much more difficult. I’ve tried (1) copying and pasting directly from Pixadex (or other source, such as the Finder) to the DT folder (via inspector), (2) my old system of copying and pasting to a Finder folder then to a DT folder/the inspector), (3) dragging from Pixadex or elsewhere directly to the icon of the DT folder in the inspector, (4) dragging the icon to DT’s groups/binder pane to create something the inspector would accept (this creates a folder with nothing in it, no picture), (5) dragging the icon into a rich text file in DT, drag the graphic to the inspector pane for the file itself, THEN copy and paste it to the DT folder I was after all alone, and (6) export the Pixadex icon as a TIFF file, then use two monitors to see both the inspector in DT and the Finder window, then drag the Tiff file to the inspector. This only works with two monitors, however, since the Dt inspector window disappears when DT is not active.

I am assuming that the Pixadex or other icon is in a format DT can’t recognize. So the old system of pasting it to a Finder folder, which does accept it, then copying and pasting to a DT folder should work as it always has, no?

But it didn’t. Only a few times did #2 option work, but more often than not, nothing worked except options 5 and 6. When I would attempt to paste or drag the graphic I would get no result at all. I had to drag the icon into an rtf file then drag it to the inspector pane, etc. to get my folder icons to change or export it as a tiff file then drag it.

What I would like to do is something much easier. Anything easier! So please, why is this behavior now different and what am I doing wrong? I assume/hope it is something simple that I am merely overlooking?



I’ve just checked this and this happens over here too but this definitely worked in the past. There are some errors logged to the system console - looks like a new (?) Cocoa/QuickTime issue. The next release of DT will hopefully fix this.


Thanks so much for checking this out. Yes, it definitely did work before. It’s something I can work around for the time being.

Thanks again,


I just discovered the possibility to add icons. What a great thing (of course now it would be great to have the items in the source pane show BIGGER).

The icons which I added (using copy/paste from a Finder folder) to a folder in DTP showed up but with an ugly “mask” portion at the bottom - black.

One icon did not show at all.

Also, when viewing the folders in icon view (the second view option) the icons are just very small and never get to shine in their 128 bit glory as they would in Macintosh Finder :frowning:

The optics in a program must not be neglected - icons say more than a thousand words and everybody who has been involved in logistics at an airport or Autobahn knows how so important it is to use colors, icons, sizes, fonts…

As a related side note I sure wish that the left source pane gets sky blue - this is a Macintosh program after all !!

EDIT >> OK I found a work around > export from Pixadex a TIFF with 128 px and open it in Preview, then hit Cmd-C and paste it into DTP.

Thanks for this tip on another thread which I just found later.