Custom merge in DevonThink 3

I just upgraded to DevonThink 3, and it seems like my custom merge function still works, but it no longer renames files as first file name_number of merged files. Instead, both the standard merge and custom merge names files in a way that is in line with the original file names. For instance, when I merge two files with names IMG_1076 and IMG_1077, the new file is named IMG_107. In DevonThink 2, I would get IMG_1076 <2 records merged>.

Also my short cut for custom merge (Cntrl Alt M) does not work anymore.

Is it possible for me to restore my old custom merge?


This shortcut is now used by Data > Move To…

The only possibility would be to change the script, e.g. get the first line of the plain text of the created record and use this to rename it.

Ok, figured it out! Thanks