Custom meta data columns (bugs?)

When viewing a group as list, I right click on the headers intending to show some custom meta data fields in the columns. When I select a custom meta data field from the pop up list, a different custom meta data field is added to the view.

Also, in the pop up list a check is added to the field I selected, to the different field that was added to the view, and rarely to a third field.

This doesn’t happen on all my custom meta data fields (I have about 20 or so.). Just on a few.

The behavior doesn’t happen with just one data type. And when it does happen, it may cross data types. (e.g. I select a date type, but a number type is added to the view. )

The behavior isn’t a simple selection offset. (i.e. I select an item, but an item always two higher is added. – No. The offset appears more random.)

DT3b3? The custom metadata fields have been very stable since b3…

Yes. beta 3. Maybe I’ve stressed the custom meta data preferences to breaking point. Doubt many other users have put so many custom meta data fields in their database.

Another issue with custom meta data columns: In a smart group, when I add a custom meta data column to the view, and come back to it later, the added custom meta data column (eventually) is no longer in the view. (I’ve only seen this happen once. Other smart groups with added custom meta data columns in the view have retained them. Will update if I see the behavior repeat.)

Are you duplicating custom meta data and renaming them or creating new ones?

PS: Remember this is beta software and there’s a good chance you’lll have to remove the custom meta data and add it again when testing.

I’m 95% certain I always create a new one, not duplicate. (Not saying I never ever have duplicated.)

If you want I can anonymize my database and send it to you with all the custom meta data fields remaining a few blank-ish items that seem to be affected by the problem. (I might be a little embarrassed by all the custom meta data fields I have in, but hey, for beta I suppose you want…there’s a word for it… to stress it 'til it breaks.) Would that help?

Actually, there is known hard limit we’re aware of at this time. You could hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket and attach the ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/CustomMetaData.plist.

Sounds like an interesting project - would you be willing to share in general terms what your use case is that uses so many custom fields?