Custom meta data URL link

I have set up some custom meta data fields. One field is an item link. I have created an AppleScript that generates a reading brief (theMDRecord in the script below) linked to a record (theRecord in the script below) in DEVONThink. What I would like to do is to place a link to the reading brief in the custom metadata field in the original record but I am not sure how. The portion of the script that deals with setting custom metadata is:

	set name of theMDRecord to "Name of reading"
set theMDUUID to the uuid of theMDRecord
add custom meta data theMDUUID for "readingbrieflink" to theRecord

Solved my own question. For future reference setting the custom meta data for a field that is an item link requires the “reference URL” of the record

Correct. The UUID is just the identifier. The reference URL is the full URL containing the file’s UUID and any parameters.