Custom metadata export tags and aliases?

is this possible? just thought i’d check! thanks for all the help i get on this forum, its invaluable

What exactly should be exported - the tags & aliases of the selected items? In which format?

E.g. Tools > Create Metadata Overview might be already useful.

yes but that doesn’t seem to export aliases? that would be ideal but aliases don’t seem to be involved

It includes the aliases of the selected items but it does not include the aliases of tags of the selected items.

what if i don’t want items at all, just a list of my tags or groups?

This can’t be customized currently, the only option would be a script.

I would really love this as well, but have no idea how to script anything. If anyone would be willing to help me out on this, I’d be grateful.

You would love… what? There are several things referred to in this thread.

just saw this. i think there’s only one thing referred to on this thread…? a list of tags and their aliases.