Custom Rich Text Fields are Read-Only

If I set up a Sheet with a custom metadata Rich Text Field, the rich text field is read-only; I cannot enter data.

If I change it to a single-line or multi-line regular text field, it works fine.

Just tested for rtf field and it works for me?
(1) I think you did this for sure, but just in case: you choose an item before edit the field?
(2) Have u tried select other item and go back to the original item and edit the field again?

Just curious to see if it is a glitch.

Yes, I chose an item before editing the field.

Yes, I have tried to select other items.

Of note, it works fine if I change the field type to Single-line Text or Multi-line Text. But as soon as I change it back to Rich Text, the field becomes uneditable.

Which version of macOS do you use? Could you post a screenshot? Thanks!

If you add a rich text field, the navigate away from and back to the document, is it editable?

Yes that does fix it - thank you!

Related questions -

(1) Can RTF fields be multi-line?

(2) How do I get a multi-line field to display as multi-line? Right now if I set it as multi-line and reduce the field width, the end of the field is truncated rather than moved to another line.

The major difference of single/multi-line fields is the input (combobox supporting autocompletion vs. larger text field, at least in case of forms), not the display.

OK - then regardless of whether it is a “single-line” or “multi-line” field, is it possible to have an option to Wrap text rather than truncating it when it is larger than the field width?

We’ll consider this for future releases.

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