Custome WebSite templates

How can I customize the WebSite export templates (Default.html, Footer.html, …)? I found the templates in the ExportSite.bundle but I think it’s not a good idea to edit this files. I didn’t found any possibility via GUI.

Thanks in advance.

That’s not yet possible via the GUI. But you could create a copy of the existing templates (e.g. Default.html) and it will be accessible afterwards in the GUI.

Warning: Before installing a new version of DT, create a copy of your own template and install it afterwards again.

Sorry to bump this up to the top of the forum. Can you point me to the templates? I’ve looked in the library and in the DTPO package contents.



Open the DT Pro application package, navigate to Contents > Plugins, select ExportSite.bundle and open this package too. (please have a look at the warning above).

Thanks for the answer (and warning)!