Customer account email address ID update

Hi - I have been using DEVONthink Pro Office since 2011 and have registered my license with a now-defunct email address. I cannot access my customer account as I don’t have access to that email address or the account password. How can I update to my current email address and access my customer account in order to upgrade?

Welcome @dralex
Please contact Heike in our Sales department. Thanks!

Sure thing - thanks @BLUEFROG

hi, there. I have a similar question. I use the DTTG, and I have a ‘user’ account here with this forum. But it’s not the same as the ‘user ID’ that the Devon Technologies new website ask ppl to create their account, right? are they only for those purchase Devonthink version for Mac only?

Yes, a forum account is distinct and separate from your DEVONtech user account.

I see. How to get a user account then? What’s the benefit of having a user account?