Customer Management

I am in the process of doing some major fundraising right now for our non-profit. Does anyone have any experience using DT as a CRM database. If so, would you be willing to share some ideas on setup, workflow, etc. I need to track several hundred potential donors along with phone calls, etc.

Having run a business where I had to track potential clients, clients, vendors, etc., and have records of phone calls, emails, documents at hand and linked to the clients, calendar, etc., I have difficulty imagining how I would go about using DTPro in the same way. For me, it would just be too inefficient and cumbersome. I suggest looking at a couple of CRMs like Daylite (the software I ended up using), Contactizer, Soho Organizer or a similar app that gives you the ability to link contacts, organizations, notes, emails, project pipelines, etc. Entourage and its project feature might even work on a more simplified basis depending on your workflow.

Looking for a contact management software to use, as a standalone or in combination with DTPro, I digged up this discussion thread.

Daylite seems great, but with a huge cost for me, being a freelancer (24-29$ per month). I had purchased Contactizer, and though I found it a bit template rigid, it was great for managing contacts as in a CRM.

Any new options that work for you?

I recently moved my business to There is a free version and we are using the ‘Starter’ level and the capabilities and ease of use are very impressive.