Customise Summarise Highlights

Is it possible to customise the format of the output of “Summarise Highlights”?

Use case: I work with each individual annotation/note individually and split them off into separate documents after extraction, based upon their relevance to a section of a paper. The current format puts them all under a single page number. For that reason it would be useful for me to have the document name and page number in brackets after every highlight/note so the source is maintained as I work with the highlights without me having to manually add it for each one.

If not, I can continue to use Zotero beta which extracts annotations in this way, but I would have preferred to move my annotation workflow into DT/DTTG rather than paying Zotero for sync! :slight_smile:

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Currently this can’t be customized but as far as I remember there are various scripts on the forum to post-process the output. An example how this should look would be great, thanks.

I’m wondering if just dragging and dropping the annotations separately from the Document > Annotations inspector might now be useful to you. As an example…

I’ll look at both these options further - many thanks.

No problem. Let me know if that’s useful to you.