Customizable Concordance, Saved Searches, and dotMac options


I primarily use the Pro Office for its Concordance, but I’d like it to do more:

–Option to exclude tiny grammatical units, prepositions, pronouns, and articles (with, which, the, etc).

–Once a word is clicked in the concordance, and an article is selected, the word will be highlighted in the text as it is when performing a search.

–With the searches, a “Find Next” option would be great, so that we could scroll through all of the occurrences of the word within the document.

–Saved searches in the sidebar, almost like tag clouds, because I perform the same search often, and reclicking all of the buttons on the side each and every time takes too long.

–Finally, dotMac syncing options would be great, either for backing up or an easier way to upload the database under the Preferences/Server tab.



Pay attention to this functionality in DTP, DTP uses a script for this. It has been a nightmare for me, using a large database, around 2 GB.
Apples weekly knowledge base changes mention these problems:

This is already possible by using Go > Previous/Next Highlight (or the corresponding shortcuts).