Customize the markdown capturer formatting in DT3?


I love the markdown captured and even more with the clutter-free option.

Would be by any chance to customize the markup used to capture webs?

For example: Always use fenced codeblocks with backticks and/or atx headings. Like on turndown.

I’ve been using turndown quite often to capture webs when they are somehow rebel with DT3. I inspect them and copy the article tag or similar / equivalent class and paste it on turndown to get the markdown to my licking.

It would be great to be able to set those options too in DT3

  • Heading style
  • Horizontal rule
  • Bullet
  • Code block style
  • Fence
  • Em delimiter
  • Strong delimiter
  • Link style
  • Link reference style

In the same way to it for rendering markdown or even be able to choose your own render engine and it’s option like for example in Marked2.

Anyway! great job! We can feel how DT3 improves on each beta!

PS/ I really think that Markdown —capturing and rendering— deserved it on tab on the settings.

So… you guys aren’t interested in any of these?

I really would love to have a little bit more of customization on how pages are captured as Markdown.

Isn’t possible to have at least some hidden options?


No there are no hidden options relative to this.

Development has plenty going on at the moment, so this would be something potentially addressed in the future.