customizing panes within split views

Hi All,
Forgive the obvious newbie question, but how do I get my split window to show a text view rather than one that shows folder icons? I know about the View selections on the toolbar and in the Menu, but even when I switch from “icon view” to one of the others, icons still show up in some of the panes. I’d like to replace icons with text or even the option of viewing what’s inside.


In Split Panes view when a group (folder) is selected you’ll only see icons. But just click the little triangle next to a group name and it will open up to show the document inside - click on one and what’s inside the document will show in the other pane. Also, try Three Panes view for a change.

Thanks. I’m looking at Joe Kissell’s Getting Started with Devonthink 2 where Figure 8 (p. 30) has a screen capture of a split screen that the caption says allows you to edit text. (Fyi, I have Devon Pro Office.)

Yes, that image is what I described: click the triangle next to a group name and it will open to show the documents inside that group’s hierarchy. Click a document (not a group - a document) and you’ll see exactly the view that Joe’s image shows.

Very good - thanks!