CustomMD add button not working for Type=Set and other issues

Reporting multiple issues regarding CustomMD preferences.
Is anyone else experiencing these or similar issues?

1. Add a new CustomMD category field. Chose Type>Set. Add some values (e.g. 1,2,3), delete one of the values. The “+” button no longer works to add a value.
1b. Secondary issue: switching from different customMD category fields back to the new field created shows inconsistent data in values field (this appears to be a UI draw problem). For instance, in the screenshot provided, the number “1” went missing (although I did not delete it).

  1. Inconsistent UI draw when removing category fields. After removing category fields using “-” button and then adding a new field using “+” button, the five previous fields temporarily ghosted, while the “Digital Object” category field drew itself over the top most field.
    2a. Clicking between Generic and Custom resolved the UI draw issue and only the “Digital Object” category field remained when I returned to Custom.
    2c. I could not consistently replicate this issue, but I did manage to capture it in a screenshot.


The following are not necessarily bugs, but regard functionality:

  1. Add a CustomMD value using “+” button. After entering a value while the box is still highlighted by the double blue line, close the preferences pane. This value will not be saved.

  2. After adding any category field with values selected from a dropdown menu, there is no way to return to null value.
    2a. It seems like selecting the same option again should be the way to return that field to a null state. Otherwise some value need remain.

Beta 4 will fix several glitches of this preference pane (including this one).

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