Cut or Copy & Paste to move a document

I’m sure this has been covered before, if so just refer me to the appropriate thread…

Is it possible to do a CUT & Paste within DTpro to move a document from 1 location to another? This can be done in the FINDER.

WHY this is useful…
So, lets say I am tidying my INBOX & come across a document that needs some thought about where to file it. In this example auto-classify does not give a useful suggestion. My next step is to explore the various locations in my database, I might even create a new destination (group). In DTPro, I now have to navigate back to INBOX & drag the file to the new GROUP. If CUT & PASTE worked, I would be able to CUT the document before I started to explore the database, once I find the ideal destination, I would then just PASTE the document.

  • Any ideas why this feature is not implemented in DTPro?

  • Any way to work-around this?



See Move items with the keyboard between databases (re-imagined)

Thanks Christian, much appreciated.

I struggled initially to get this working until I realised that the location for these scripts is now
/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Scripts

also, I could not get the shortcut Cmd-Ctrl-V to work, I had to change this to Cmd-Ctrl-z & then use Keyboard Maestro to trigger with Cmd-Ctrl-V.