cycle though windows

i am a real n00b so here might already be a way of doing this but i have looked and looked and not found - i would simply like to be able to cycle through my open windows and documents i.e. bring each open window to the front in turn - control tab? command 1 2 3 4 etc? oh and a home short cut? thanks :slight_smile:

Try Exposé. Press F10 and see what happens. :slight_smile:

cmd-` is also useful. I don’t know if it’s an official OS X shortcut, but many OS X programs use it.

The cmd key is the one with the Apple logo on it. Sometimes also known as the clover key. The backquote (`) is on the same key as the tilde (~) in the upper left of the keyboard.


ah yes! thank you very much katherine!! that’s a great tip - now if i may just request the feature to have command 1 2 etc bring specific open windows to the front… thanks everyone

I wouldn’t count on that as a development priority. For one thing, it would require the user to learn and remember the numerical assignments of windows. And those assignments would change as one opens and closes windows.

At the moment, I’ve got 11 windows open. The number of open windows does change frequently, depending on what I’m doing.

If I want to find my Bookmarks view window quickly I could look in the Windows menu and select it. But the names – mixed views and documents – might be a bit confusing.

So I can “swoop” the cursor to the upper right (Exposé setting in System Preferences) to see images of all the open DT Pro Office windows. Or I can (on my MacBook Pro) hold down the “fn” key and click F10. Most of the time there are visual cues that help me quickly select the window to click on. I find it quicker and less confusing than the Windows menu. I don’t have to cycle through the windows one by one to get to the ninth one, nor do I have to remember that the one I’m looking for is (at this moment) number 9 of 11.

fair enough, though as one who gravitates to the keyboard rather than the mouse/trackpad i would love a shortcut for “home” - and as it would be the first window that was opened by DT, command 1 would always get me back there - but as i said i have been using devonTHINK for only a couple of weeks so my usage might change over time
thanks for taking the time to reply bill - i have learned a lot by reading your many very illuminating posts on this forum!