DA 1.5 CPU Usage

After a search (actually I think I ran one, completed working with it, then ran another before I noticed) DA 1.5 is consuming 28 to 45 % of CPU continuously, even when no searches are running (idle) and even if all search windows have been closed. This drags down other processes, adds heat and sucks battery power on my PowerBook. Are you aware of this issue?


DA should only use cycles as long as a search is running or OS X animates Aqua buttons, e.g. of the search window (uses up to 30% on slow machines), or if a browser window contains animated objects (plugins, applets, GIFs etc.). If that’s not the case, could you open the Information panel for DEVONagent in Apple’s Activity Monitor and create a sample? Thank you.

Version 1.5.1 will need less CPU power anyway (and despite some doubts in this forum - the development continues and will probably gain speed rather sooner than later).