DA 2.3.1 vs. OS X 10.6.3… and Safari 5?

When first launching a freshly installed DA 2.3.1 on a freshly installed 10.6.3 system with the recent Safari 5 update I was surprisingly greeted by this “enable JavaScript” message in the Welcome window:

JaveScript is enabled in every app I’m aware of so this is puzzling. Hunch is it might be related to JavaScript changes with Safari 5. Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks!

I’ve just checked this over here too (10.6.3, Safari 5) but JavaScript is enabled by default. Is it really enabled on your computer (see Preferences > Web or menu Web)?

It’s definitely enabled in both places. I disabled Java (same as in at least Safari, Camino, and NetNewsWire), but not JavaScript.

It’s reproducible on my MBP, without any Safari extensions/add-ons and even under the Guest account. Very strange.

Any suggestions how I might isolate the cause of this problem before I do a clean Snow Leopard rebuild on my my MBP, install DA before most anything else, and see if it’s still reproducible under that near-generic system configuration?

Just check whether the beta of DEVONagent 2.5 has the same troubles on your system, thanks.

Same issue with 2.5beta5. Interestingly, JavaScript is functional based on testing with other sites; it’s only the Welcome page that thinks it’s disabled for some reason. Maybe that bit of info is helpful for isolating the problem but I haven’t given it more attention since the testing/discovery about a week ago.

And 2.5beta6.

And 2.5beta7, as anticipated.

Why do I have a knack for discovering mysterious, hard-to-isolate bugs? :slight_smile:

Any progress on this? I just tried running devon agent & get a message to enable javascript. Javascript is enabled everywhere, so that isn’t the problem.


Not here; same result when visiting the devon-technologies.com/download/welcome.html page with DA 2.5b11, Safari 5.0.2, and even (most interestingly) Camino 2.0.5.