DA 2 has arrived, when will managing bookmarks?

I have much love for DA 2 and of course DT but I’m still holding out for being able to manage bookmarks in DA. Now that DA2 is here, when can we expect this?


Christian has noted that bookmark management in DA is a development plan, but no speculation on when.

I’m looking forward to DA bookmark management, too.

In the meantime, I’ve got a bookmark collection comprising hundreds of bookmarks in my main DT Pro database. I use those for the sites I routinely scan for new material, e.g., scientific journals.

A kludge: You can open a DT Pro bookmarked URL in DEVONagent by control-click, then Open With, then DEVONagent. Or just open the URL in DT Pro’s browser and click on the address. That will open the URL in your default browser which, in my case, is DEVONagent. That’s especially convenient if you wish to add a page to your DA archive.

One of the best stand-alone bookmark managers on the Mac market is URL Manager Pro. The developer, Alco Blom, presently supports 11 browsers: you may manage your bookmarks in URLMP and then save them as your browser’s Bookmarks.plist.

Since DA doesn’t have one of those, Blom probably can’t support it, but I do recommend URLMP as a substitute until that great day when DA has its own bookmark management.

A nice bonus: you may collect URLs into folders and subfolders, with comments, and then publish the collections as web sites for the use of friends or colleagues.