DA and DT Pro Office

My version (2.2) of DA agent allows me to AddTo DT Pro databases (which I have used effectively in the past) but not to my more recent DT Pro Office databases. In fact, nowhere can I find a reference to the Office version; I checked the preferences, menus, the forum, manual, etc. Would appreciate guidance. Thanks.

Do you have a copy of both DT Pro and DT Pro Office on your machine? In that case remove the former to the Trash, log out and back in and you should be fine.

No, I do not have both copies. Any other suggestions? Thanks.

The actual database code of DT Pro Office is the same as DT Pro, and the databases are completely compatible. They also interact identically with DEVONagent.

As Annard noted, only one of the three DT applications (PE, Pro, Pro Office) should be installed in the Applications folder. Otherwise, Services and scripts (in the case of DT Pro or DT Pro Office) can get confused.

If you have been previously running DT Pro and are now running DT Pro Office, Services will not recognize DT Pro Office until you have done a logout/login or restart.

The current version of DEVONagent is 2.3 and of DT Pro Office is 1.3.4. Use each application’s Check for Updates menu command to download or install the update.