DA and DTP crash while reading scanned PDFs

Does anyone have any idea why both DEVONAgent and DEVONThink Pro should crash when attempting to render a PDF scanned from a document? I’m scanning using a Lexmark P1350 printer/scanner, and it happens with PDFs made with both Image Capture and Lexmark’s own All In One Centre app. I should add that Preview, Safari and Skim have the same problem, but PDFPen and PDFClerk handle the same PDFs with no problem at all. To begin with I thought it was happening only with multipage docs, as not all the affected apps crash with single page scans, but DTP has just done this.

I won’t try everyone’s patience by attaching the DA crash log here, but can obviously post or mail it if anyone is interested.



Just send the crash logs to me (cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com). But maybe the documents use the latest PDF version not yet fully supported by Mac OS X 10.4.x?