DA cannot do: Google Scholar -> "Get this article" -> "PDF"

When using the Google Scholar plug-in, my searches bring up lots of links to academic journal sites, usually with an additional “Get this article” link. In Safari, I would just click that link, which brings up the JSTOR page, which has a “PDF” link. I would then click that link and BINGO – there’s the PDF text that Google Scholar originally listed in its thumbnails.

Sadly, DA returns ZERO results.

How do I get DA to follow the level-1 “Get this article” links, and then follow the level-2 “PDF” links to get the PDF article text which, in fact, contains my query?

Since the Google Scholar results provide “Get this article” links (level-1), and since these in turn provide “PDF” links (level-2), I used this as my “Follow links” text:

“Get this article” OR pdf

And I set Follow links to 2 levels.

I GET NO RESULTS AT ALL. When I look in the Log tab, I find (under Error column) “77 links”. Yeah – those are good links, and DA didn’t follow them.

When I search manually in Safari, I get 271 articles in the Google Scholar list, many of which work with this two step of clicking “Get this article” followed by clicking “PDF” I’ve described.

What am I doing wrong?