DA crashes when opening new browser

Every time I try to open a browser window within DA, DA shows no more reaction and I have to stop it with the finder-function “Programme sofort beenden” (=stop application immediately?); same problem while trying to open a link (f.e. search result or links in the help menu).

I can open the search result-links with right-click and “open in browser” (Safari), but would like to use the integrated browser window. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

[DA 2.3.1, MacOS 10.4.11, 1Password 2.8.2]

Does this happen after disabling 1password too?

Yes, it happens also with all browser-plugins and the webkit-plugins of 1password uninstalled.


Do you mean that the problem disappeared after removing 1PassWord, or that the browser still crashes after removing 1PassWord?

Please have a look at the console (see /Applications/Utilities/Console.app) if there are any entries related to DEVONagent. Thanks!

The Browser chrashes always.

The entry says:

DEVONagent[304] (Information) 1Password plugin is disabled for ‘DEVONagent’ [defaults read com.1passwd ‘DEVONagent Extension Enabled’]

Please send the latest crash log (see /Library/Logs/CrashReporter and ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter) to our support address - thank you!