DA deep search crashes and suspension of app

have this problem sometimes. i get warnings that i am running out of diskspace (presumably for swapping) and that i should disable other programs for DA to run.
so i do that and start trashing movies etc. then DA hangs and crashes.
i have 2gig on this mac mini and other apps don’t give me this much trouble except for the occassional cpu temperature issue when i play chess against a MP engine.
is there a known memory leak issue related to certain scans and/or a best practices or workaround procedure?

You could disable the option to cache downloaded pages as the cache is unlimited. Or enable at least the option to empty the cache on quit.

aha, thanks
i have a further question…
since posting i have attempted to resolve my situation by purchasing an external FW hard drive. i made room on my internal hard drive by moving my multimedia resources there. it’s a much better drive than the internal in my mac mini.
my question is do i have a method (perhaps via plist editing) to redirect my devonagent cache to this faster, larger drive?

It might be possible by using a symbolic link but I didn’t check this.