DA doesn't finish it's search ... ?

screenshot2.jpegI have downloaded DA recenrly as was all set to buy the combo deal but I am worried about DA’s performance - :frowning:

when I do a search, it races through the first 85% or so and then just stalls, spinning it’s wheels and never ends (see screenshot - it has been stalled for over 5 minutes & yet the load up until then only took about 15 seconds) I have allowed a previous ‘spin’ to go on for about 10 minutes before stopping & it didn’t move at all during that time :question:

any suggestions anybody??

Thanks :slight_smile:

Is DEVONagent still usable or frozen? If the latter should be the case, then please open Apple’s activity monitor, select DEVONagent, create a sample and send it to our support email address. Thanks!

No, it’s still useable - I can hit the ‘stop’ button and use the results that have come so far …

Network connection do not always time out on Leopard. The next release of DEVONagent will fix this.

Thanks for the info :smiley: