DA/DT integration: How to view feeds as feeds, not web pages

I’m testing DA and DT right now, to see if they’ll be useful to me. Posting this here instead of troubleshooting, because it’s more of a ‘how to make this work’ question than a ‘why does this not work’ question (since I don’t actually know something’s not working).

What I’d like to be able to do is check newsfeeds periodically and save the results to DevonThink. I got that to work, after a little futzing, but the feeds are displayed as web pages instead of as just the text of the feed, which is what I wanted.

1: Is there a way to display the feeds as feeds, instead of as web pages – i.e., the way that DA does?

2: What’s actually stored in the database – the page, or the feed?

I’ve disconnected the network and verified that I can’t see the text of the feed after it’s been added to DT by DA.

Shouldn’t DA add the text of the feed, not just the URL of the feed items?