DA Pro Privacy/Tracking question

Google in Safari tracks your history of queries, and I hear it’s going to get a lot more intrusive on March 1, 2012.

What does DA Pro do when it uses the Google plug-in to search? Does it hook us up to Google tracking? Does it send cookies? Where does Google perceive the query coming from?

I know that DA Pro gives you a far, far greater range of results than Google because DA doesn’t have that nasty search algorithm that thinks it knows me.

[If you’ve addressed this somewhere on this site, I can’t find it.]


Right now DEVONagent supports cookies and uses Mac OS X’s default handling. However, we might revise/disable this in the future or use a proxy for searching (to anonymize requests) depending on feedback.

I strongly prefer an anonymization option, especially in the face of Google’s intrusive policy changes, and that Google reportedly ignored Safari’s (and WebKit’s?) security settings without informing the user.

Sooooooo… in light of what’s been going on in the world lately, how private is DEVONagent nowadays, Pro or Express?

The privacy is still the same.

DuckDuckGo it is then.

Have you compared it with Ixquick Search Engine?

I had never heard of that. According to Wikipedia, it uses Google, just anonymously. Is there a way to plug this between Devonagent and Google?
I.e. make a module for DA that searches Google anonymously, using Ixquick?