DA RSS feed from search failing

I have a search set that is producing RSS feeds based on search results and currently when dragged into DTPO it is saying “Unknown Format” and it also is failing in NetNewsWire with a dialog box saying, "The document “2007-01-22_11-16-06.rss” could not be opened. NetNewsWire cannot open files in the “NewNewsWire.app Document” format.

Additionally, the rss 2.0 feed fails validation in TextMate as there is no DTD issued.

Any pointers?

I should probably additionally mention that is not one particular rss feed, but all of them.

You can view the feed in DEVONagent (or store it on a web server). But to import the feed to other applications, you’ll have to use a different file extension by modifying the script. Or use the script to creating a HTML page.

Thanks a bunch, I should have investigated this further before vetting the question, but the dialogs were ambiguous and this has worked before as a local feed. It [NNW] actually takes it in as .rss if you go through the special feed addition (local feed). I was simply attempting to “Open With…” NetNewsWire, so it looks like Brent’s bug, as “Open With…” should just do the right thing (iow assume that what you’re opening is either a opml or localized rss feed).