DA thinks a PDF is QuickTime media

I submitted this to the Apple Safari forums earlier today, but noticed the same behavior in DEVONagent:

I’ve just updated from 10.6.7 to 10.6.8 and from Safari 5 to Safari 5.1. To my surprise, PDFs are now displayed in QuickTime (first page only) or I get the missing QT plugin question mark. They had previously been displayed in Preview. I do not have Adobe Reader on my system.

I just tried to view a PDF in DEVONagent and it’s displaying the same behavior. I’ve done the usual stuff: delete preference files, plists, plugins, but nothing has worked.

Have any fellow DEVONagent users on 10.6.8 experienced this sort of problem?


This sounds like a broken internal system preference, QuickTime seems to be the default plugin for certain MIME types (including PDF) on your computer. As this is the first report of its kind, I don’t think that it’s a generic/common issue though.

Do you use any third-party Internet/Safari plugins and are you able to reproduce this using a new & clean user account?

Thanks, Christian. There are quite a few people with the same problem with Safari over on the Apple discussion forums. I think I fixed it and I’m posting my solution in case anyone experiences the same thing.

The Safari 5.1 update must have changed a preference in the QuickTime plugin.

The steps below also solved the problem in DEVONagent:

Open the com.apple.quicktime.plugin.preferences.plist file in ~Library/Preferences with a property list editor.

Open disclosure triangle for:


then for “application/PDF”;

uncheck the box in the “Value” column of “WebPluginTypeEnabled”.

Quit and restart Safari. PDFs now show up in the browser. The contextual menu item “Open in Preview” is gone (it seems), but controls appear at the bottom of the page when the cursor crosses it and if one clicks the Preview icon, the PDF will open as a separate Preview document.

I’m sure there is a Terminal command that does the same thing, but if you have Property List Editor on your machine, it’s pretty easy to do.

Thank you for the instructions!