DA Trial ends abruptly (following macOS and/or DT3 updates)

Today I should be on approx. day 4 of my DEVONagent pro trial; in the past day I have updated DT3 to the current version (3.0.4) and updated macOS Catalina to the current version (10.15.3). Now I can no longer start DA - I am asked to register (i.e. a window titled “Registration DEVONagent Pro” opens, asking for my name, organisation and license). Something, then, seems to have terminated my trial period early (I suspect one of the above actions).

Also: the window has 3 buttons, “Your Account”, “Cancel” and “Register”. Register is greyed out (because I haven’t entered any details), cancel does what it should and “Your Account” just lights up blue when I click it, but otherwise does nothing.

This isn’t a major problem, I was intending on buying anyway - it’s probably a bug none the less.

When did you launch DEVONagent for the first time? The trial supports up to 60 hours of runtime or up to 30 days since the first launch.

The 60-hour limit may well have been reached - I didn’t actively close it at any time following installation, so if runtime is time in the taskbar then that would be the explanation. I sent Jim money anyway, so all is well :money_mouth_face:

I sent Jim money anyway, so all is well

Shhhh… Don’t say it out loud!! :open_mouth:

(And for those who may misunderstand, it’s a joke.) :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to hijack my own post here, I guess that’s allowed - I’ll ask me later…

I have read the legalese, but even so I don’t know whether I’m allowed to install DApro on my desktop and laptop using the same license. Whilst it’s apparent what I’m allowed to do with DTpro (2 seats), I can’t find the same info for DA. Please let me know whether my one purchase covers me, or whether multiple devices (one user) is not covered, such that I need a further license. You’re fair - I want to be fair back. Cheers :slight_smile:

You don’t need another license as long as you install it only on your computers.

Cheers :slight_smile: (sorry @BLUEFROG Jim :money_mouth_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

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